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Karamelli Brownie -

Caramel Brownie

 With the Covid-19 Epidemic, which has affected the whole world, the times we spend at home are now more than ever. If you are wondering how we can make the delicious dishes that we drink or eat at restaurants and cafes at home, you can take a look at the practical recipes we have prepared for you below.



¾ cup cooking creme (room temperature)

100 g butter (cold)

1,5 cups sugar


150 g room temperature butter

3 eggs

¾ cups sugar 

350 g bitter chocolate

1 cup flour

2 tablespoons cocoa 

1 vanilla sachet

 ½ teaspoon BiSALT Anatolian Rock Salt-Fine Grain 


1. Melt the sugar in a medium pan until it turns brown. Remove it from the stove and pour in the cooking cream and mix it well. Add in the butter and slowly stir until butter melts completely. 

2. Whisk eggs and sugar in a mixing bowl until it has consistency like a foam.

3. In a separate bowl, whisk bain marie melted chocolate and butter. 

4. Add chocolate mixture to the foamy eggs mixture. 

5. Add in dry ingredients to this mixture and mix it with a spatula. 

6. Pour the mixture to the greased cake mold and add the thickened caramel to the top. 

7. Bake it for 30 minutes in 180 degrees in pre-heated oven. 

8. Remove it from the oven. Drizzle some more caramel over the brownie. 

9. You will create a perfect flavor harmony when you garnish the brownie with BiSALT Sea Salt Flakes as the finishing touch. 

Chef - Dilek Yetkiner 👩‍🍳

Photo - Ozan Çelik 📷

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