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BiSALT Delice Spring Salt Coarse 500 g

SKU BS024-0

Delice Spring Salt is naturally crafted from rare spring saltworks in Turkey’s Kırıkkale. This specialty salt comes out to the earth untouched just as mineral water does. Spring salt is first collected in harvesting ponds and evaporated all naturally with the help of sun and wind.

This solar-evaporated salt is extraordinarily rich in trace minerals, totally unrefined and heavy-metal free. Vanadium trace mineral is amply found in Delice Spring salt, making it a sought after sodium source for athletes. Vanadium is believed to help prevent muscle cramps and increase athletic endurance.

Natural solar evaporation process of the spring salt ensures that it is free from any insoluble residues. You will only find truly clear saltwater if you dissolve some spring salt in a cup of water.

Considered by many as the healthiest of all, spring salts are rarely found across the world. We give utmost care to preserve the authentic form of the spring salt.

Sprinkle this gourmet salt liberally over salads, fresh or grilled vegetables and any other culinary creation.


Delice Spring Salt

Keep it closed in a cool, dry and light-free environment.

Origin: Kırıkkale/Turkey

Exp. Date: Indefinite

No Iodine Added.