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BiSALT Aegean Sea Salt Ceramic Grinder 110 g

SKU BS005-0
Our crystal sea salt is harvested from the pristine waters of the Aegean Sea and evaporated all naturally with the help of wind and sun. Harvested from Çamlıca salt deposits, this minerally rich sea salt is unrefined and unproccessed.

Natural solar evaporation process forms unadulterated salt grains which are free from insoluble materials. With its mild flavour, our gourmet sea salt will also bring out all the goodness in your dishes.

Near to the fabulous Izmir Bird Paradise, Çamlıca salt deposits are part of a great ecosystem that is home to hundreds of different species. While the sea water evaporates in harvesting ponds, pink and red hues emerge in the middle of blue waters. Halophilous plants color the sea water in pink and red while they help with the harvesting of the sea salt by consuming the organic substances and so crystallizing the water. Brine shrimp Artemia Salina, another key actor in the saltpan, end up filtering the seawater all naturally as they feed on algae formed in the ponds. The symbols of the saltworks, flamingos, consume brine shrimps. This specialty salt is the result of a perfect cycle involving plants, shrimps, flamingos and many more.

Sprinkle Aegean Sea Salt liberally over salads, fresh or grilled vegetables and any other culinary creation.

Aegean Sea Salt

Origin: Turkey
Exp. Date: Indefinite

Keep it closed in a cool, dry and light-free environment.
No Iodine Added.