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BiSALT Anatolian Rock Salt Coarse 500 g

SKU BS020-0

Our mineral-rich salt is crafted from a 500-million-year-old mine found in the small Anatolian town of Tuzköy (Salt Village). Extracted from pristine salt beds, this remarkable rock salt naturally contains many trace minerals found in the human body.

One of the purest rock salts in Anatolia, it is all-natural, totally unrefined and e-code free.

Deep in fertile Anatolia, this ancient salt mine is located close to what was once known as the Ancient Salt Route. When the mine was first discovered many years ago, camels carried salt masses mined from these untouched reserves and delivered them to the Seljuks Dynasty palace’s kitchen.

Rock salts are full of health benefits when used in moderate amount. They contain trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, manganese, copper, zinc, and iodine all of which are vital for the performance of human body. Alkalizing benefits of the rock salt also make it a go-to sodium source.

The clean-tasting Anatolian Rock Salt is an ideal seasoning for soups, grilled meats, salads, desserts and for any other culinary creation.

Anatolian Rock Salt

Origin: Turkey
Exp. Date: Indefinite

Keep it closed in a cool, dry and light-free environment.

No Iodine Added.