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BiSALT Sea Salt Flakes 250 g

SKU BS033-0
Sea Salt Flakes are rare flaky salt crystals harvested from the clear waters of Indian Ocean. Salt flakes quickly form on water surface collected in harvesting ponds and they are produced by careful scraping from the top crust. These pyramid-like flakes are created naturally by methods involving the sun and wind. Ideal flake texture is only seized when right time and weather conditions are ensured.

Flake salt has no artificial flavor or additives. With its brilliant delicate flavor and high mineral content, it is popularly used as a finishing salt, as well as for baking and cooking purposes. Flake salt adds a crunch to the gourmet food when sprinkled on top.

Salt flakes melt quickly in mouth, while they also mix well with other ingredients. These features make flake salt an ideal choice for seasoning mixes, soups, sauces, steaks, as well as for desserts, and drinks. Flake salt works perfectly in every gourmet application you can think of. When sprinkled over desserts like brownies or caramels, it balances the dominant sweet taste with a pinch of salt. These unique flakes are also used for topical applications in snacks like chips and nuts or confections.

Sea Salt Flakes

Keep it closed in a cool, dry and light-free environment.

Origin: Indian Ocean / Pakistan
Exp. Date: Indefinite

No Iodine Added.